These regulation (“Rules”) have as purpose to guide researchers in the submission of works for the ALERE LATIN AMERICAN AWARD FOR POINT OF CARE RESEARCH – POC AWARD 2018 (“Award”), informing the requirements regarding general framework, eligibility criteria, judgment and other relevant information. Participation in the POC AWARD implies unrestricted acceptance of these rules.

1.1. Participation in the Award is open for healthcare professionals meeting the following requirements:

a) Be a resident of and act professionally in one of these countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru or Trinidad & Tobago;
b) Have a higher education degree in biology, biomedicine, nursing, pharmacy or medicine; and
c) Be legally qualified for the exercise of its profession in its country of activity, with no impairment to exercise their profession, including, when applicable, with international institutions.

1.1.1. The qualification of the professionals shall be assessed by the Evaluation Board (as defined under item 3 below).

1.2. Participation in the Award is forbidden for employees, consultants or other third parties connected to the Alere
Group (including members of the Evaluation Board), or any relatives thereof.

1.3. Subscription for participation in the Award, as well as submission of works (pursuant to item 2 below) shall
be carried out via website until December 31, 2017. Incomplete filings shall not be
accepted. Alere shall send a confirmation e-mail to all candidates whose filings have been accepted, up to
January 10, 2018, using the e-mail address provided by the professional upon subscription. Participants who do
not received a subscription confirmation until the date above shall not participate in the Award and shall deem
their subscription rejected by Alere.

1.4. Only professionals who are in fully acceptance of all terms and conditions of these Rules shall be eligible for
the Award, which is evidenced by clicking “I accept” at the end of this page. Without prejudice, Alere reserves the
right to request participants to file additional documents, as needed, at Alere’s discretion.

1.5. Submission of works prepared jointly by more than one healthcare professional will be allowed, provided that all
professionals involved are in the same country. In such case, the rules below shall be complied with:

a) All participant professionals shall comply with the requirements of item 1.1, and proceed with subscription pursuant to item 1.3, being bound by all conditions herein;

b) The group shall indicate in the subscription form who shall be the main researcher, which shall be responsible for receiving the Award, in case the work is selected. Alere shall not be liable for the sharing of the Award
by the main researcher with the other members of the group, with what all professionals hereby agree with;

c) Lack of subscription and/or execution of further documents requested by Alere by one of the participants shall prevent the receipt of the Award by all participants, entailing the disqualification of the work.

1.6. Participation of the same professional in more than one work, even if as co-author, is hereby forbidden.

1.7. The participants are fully and solely responsible for the accuracy of the information included in the subscription form and other documents submitted to Alere, as well as authenticity of the scientific work submitted. All participants hereby represent that the works submitted are original works written by them, with no plagiarism or any other copyright misappropriation, further undertaking to exempt and hold Alere harmless for any copyright claim
of third parties at any title, without prejudice to possible legal remedies to be used by Alere for the redress of possible losses and damages.

1.8. Projects with identical content or the similarities of which reasonably indicate plagiarism, copy or other improper conduct (at the Evaluation Board’s discretion) shall be disqualified.

1.9. Participants shall be liable in and out of court for any legal action or suit pertaining to originality, intellectual property ownership or possible plagiarism of the Works presented, exempting Alere from any liability in such sense and holding Alere integrally harmless for any and all damages arising from said actions or suits.


2.1. The research Works shall be developed in the POC (Point of Care) area, with free choice of products by the
participants, and shall present the benefits of the clinic usage of said products. Alere will not make any donation
and/or loan of products.

2.2. Any conflict with the theme set forth shall lead to the disqualification of the Work, such decision being incumbent on the Evaluation Board.

2.3. In order to be accepted, the Work shall mandatorily be formatted in A4 size, font Arial size 12, double spacing
between paragraphs and submitted to Alere in one (01) electronic copy in .pdf format, fully readable. All Works
shall include, under penalty of disqualification:

a) Executive Summary, with three (03) pages at max;

b) In the first page:
i. Concise title, without abbreviations, in capital letters and bold
ii. Full name of the authors, highlighting the name of the author presenting the Work; and
iii. Name of the institution which the author(s) are part of, full address, telephone number and e-mail address, it being certain that the author(s) shall obtain the prior and express approval of said institution(s) to do so, and such authorization shall be submitted to Alere together with the Work;

c) Introduction mentioning the fundamental aspects of the research, justification and development purpose;

d) Material and Methodology;

e) Ethical Aspects, including with regard to the need of committee approval;

f) Results and Discussions;

g) Conclusion and Recommendations;

h) Bibliography; and

i) Signatures of the authors.

2.4. Works shall be submitted together with the filing form, until December 31, 2017, through,
with the title “POC AWARD ALERE 2018 + [full name of the main researcher]

2.4.1. After submission of the Work, Alere shall not accept any amendments or supplements thereto.

2.5. Alere shall confirm receipt of the Work, together with the confirmation of subscription, via e-mail, up to January 10, 2018, confirmation which shall be merely informative. Completeness of the Work received and adhesion to these
Rules shall be validated by Alere subsequently, and timely communicated to the participants. For the avoidance of
doubt, Alere shall not be liable for the lack of receipt or receipt of incomplete Works.

2.6. After being received, the Works shall be forwarded to the Award coordination and the Evaluation Board, and the
latter shall, independently, select the three best works.


3.1. Evaluation and selection of the awarded Works shall be conducted by an Evaluation Board, appointed by Alere
especially for such purpose and made of three (03) members. Members of the Evaluation Board shall be hired
and compensated by Alere to evaluate the Works and shall be free to do so independently, in compliance with the
provisions of these Rules.

3.2. Criteria for the selection of Works shall be the following:

a) Originality and novelty;
b) Information presentation and clarity;
c) Suitability of the methodology to the proposed purposes; and
d) Coherence and consistency between purposes and conclusions.

3.3. The evaluation system for the Works shall follow the following system:

a) The Board shall conduct a formal judgment with regards to the requirements set forth in these Rules. Works which do not comply with, in total or in part, any of the requirements, shall be disqualified;

b) Upon performance of the formal analysis of suitability to the requirements herein, the Works shall be forwarded to three (03) evaluators for judgment on merits and drafting of an opinion. In this evaluation, a grade ranging from zero (00) to ten (10) shall be attributed, with approval, or not, to the next judgment stage;

c) Works which have obtained unanimous approval in the first judgment stage shall be sent to the evaluators for final judgment. In this stage, the evaluators shall list the order, at their discretion, of ranking of each Work;

d) Finally, the grades in the final judgment stage shall be added, with the ranking resulting from the total sum of such grades. In case of a tie, the grades in the first judgment stage shall be considered as a
subsidiary tie-breaking criterion.

3.4. The Evaluation Board may resolve with the presence of themajority of its members.

3.5. The Evaluation Board shall have up to February 9, 2018, to evaluate the works received.

3.6. The results shall be disclosed on March 2, 2018, in the Award website, Alere shall disclose
only the ranking of the awarded Works.

3.7. The winners of the Award shall receive a written communication of the result via the same contacts
mentioned in item 1.3 of these Rules. It is the responsibility of each candidate to keep their contact data updated, being mandatory for them to communicate any alteration in the data included in the subscription form to Alere through the website indicated in item 2.5.1 above. If the winner cannot be located in up to five (5) days from the results disclosure date, he/she shall be automatically disqualified.

3.8.The decisions by the Evaluation Board shall not be subject to appeal or challenges at any stage of the awarding process.

3.9. The participant who waives acceptance of the Award shall not be entitled to any indemnification or reimbursement for the unclaimed Award.


4.1. In case at least ten (10) works are submitted and qualified within the term set forth in item 2.4, the three (3) best
works pursuant to the criteria indicated herein shall be awarded, in the following manner:

 1st place: USD 3,000.00 (three thousand Dollars), or the equivalent amount in the currency of the participant’s country.
 2nd place: USD 2,000.00 (two thousand Dollars), or the equivalent amount in the currency of the participant’s country.
 3rd place: USD 1,000.00 (one thousand Dollars), or the equivalent amount in the currency of the participant’s country.

4.1.1. Any possible conversion rate of the Award to the local currency of the participant’s country shall be the official rate of such country’s Government in the day prior to effective payment.

4.2. The Award above shall be paid through bank transfer to an account held by the winner (or researcher indicated as main researcher, pursuant to item 1.5), against the execution of receipt in a format made available by Alere. The Award is personal and untransferable.

4.2.1. Alere exempts itself from any liability regarding the other authors of any awarded Work, given that the Award shall only be granted to the researcher listed as main researcher, pursuant to these Rules

4.2.2. Alere shall have no liability before the other co-authors in view of the granting of the Award to the main researcher, and the latter’s only and exclusive liability shall be the possible sharing of the Award, if the case may be.

4.3. The Award shall be paid after the applicable tax and legal deductions, without prejudice to possible withholdings
that the award must make pursuant to law

4.4. The three best ranked in the Award, whether winners or main researcher(s) listed as so, pursuant to item 1.5, may, at Alere’s discretion, take part on POC Day 2018 event, which will take place at venue and date to be timely confirmed by Alere, for, in ten (10) minutes each, present the Work in the event.

4.4.1. Participation of the winner(s) or main researcher(s) in POC Day 2018 shall take place with no compensation whatsoever. Alere shall directly pay for transportation and accommodation expenses of the participant (economy class air ticket, terrestrial transportation, food and accommodation, always modest and reasonable, pursuant to Alere’s travel policy), subject to the applicable legal provisions. Expenses shall be solely borne on behalf of the winning participant, to the exclusion of expenses of companions, relatives and other third parties.

4.5. All Works submitted, whether winning or not, may be exposed in poster format during Alere’s POC Day 2018
event, regardless of any compensation, to which the authors hereby agree.


5.1. Upon acceptance of these Rules and submission of the Work, participants represent and warrant that:

a) Their participation in the Award and eventual receipt of the amounts set forth in item 4.1 (when applicable) are in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, such as codes of conduct and internal regulations of the places in which they exercise their professional activities, anti-corruption rules, regulations and agreements of the healthcare sector, especially the Ethics Codes issued by the class or industry associations to which they are a part of, and other rules pertaining to the exercise of the profession and relationship between healthcare
professionals and the health products industry;

b) They are not in a position that may give rise to conflict of interest with regards to participation in the Award;

c) Their participation in the Award and the receipt of the amounts set forth in item 4.1 (when applicable) have exclusively scientific purposes, not being connected to future business contracting or creation of any kind of exclusivity for Alere products or services;

d) All decisions pertaining to the medical treatment of patients in their clinical practices are and shall be
based solely in their professional medical judgment, being conducted to the best interest of patients;

e) They shall notify all its employers with regards to their participation in the Award, obtaining the
respective approvals, when applicable. A copy of such approvals shall be sent to Alere up to ten (10)
days counted from formal request thereof, with the effective granting of the Award to the winner being
conditioned to the filing of the document dealt with in this item;

f) They always and strictly comply with the obligation of not paying, undertaking to pay, offering, accepting
or undertaking to accept any payment, donation or advantage (whether financial or not), be it as
compensation, gift or contribution, to or from any person or organization, public or private, on their
behalf or on behalf of third parties, which have been or may be considered illegal or doubtful; and

g) They always observe the highest ethical, moral and regulatory principles applicable to their practices
and comply with, under any circumstance, the applicable legislation in their country of residence
and practice, notably anti-corruption rules.


6.1. Participants of this Award, whether winners or not, authorize, with no cost to Alere, the disclosure/publication
of the Works submitted, in total or in part, together with their names, in the means which Alere chooses at its
exclusive discretion (including, without limitation, Internet websites), in any country in the world, it being hereby set
forth that the author(s) of the work shall be mentioned in said disclosure or publication. The disclosure or publication referred to in this clause, due to being duly authorized pursuant to these Rules, shall not generate any right to compensation or indemnification as copyrights.

6.2. The participants agree with the disclosure of the Award results, hereby agreeing with the use of their image and
voice, by Alere, for the disclosure of the Award in any means, for a term of two (2) years counted from the disclosure of results pursuant to item 3.6, and such term may be extended by means of written agreement between the parties.

6.3. These Rules were originally drafted in Portuguese, and will be translated into English and Spanish. In case of conflicts, the original version in Portuguese shall prevail.

6.4. These rules, the terms of adhesion to the Award and the Award shall be governed and interpreted pursuant to the laws of Brazil. The Central Courts of the São Paulo Jurisdiction are hereby elected to settle any doubts and disputes.