Advisory Board


    Dra. Carla Musso
    • Coordinator of Diabetes of the Cardiometabolic Unit - Favaloro Foundation
    • Endocrinologist of the Assistance Unit, C Milstein, MD, Endocrinology and metabolism services 1994-2017
    • Member of the Carbohydrates and Lipids Metabolism Department - SAEM 2007-2017
    • Member of the Diabetes and Obesity Committee of Sociedad Argentina de Diabetes [Argentine Diabetes Association] 2013-2017
    • Director of the Obesity and Diabetes online course of Sociedad Argentina de Diabetes [Argentine Diabetes Association] 2013-2016
    • Faculty Member in the Masters Course in diabetes of Favaloro University
    • Faculty in the specialization in clinical cardiology at Favaloro University 2016-2017
    • Faculty at Escuela de Graduados SAD 2016-2017
    • Editor of The Lancet magazine in Spanish
    • Director of diabetes Refresher Courses, Favaloro Foundation 2015, 2016, 2017
    • Coordinator of CODHy science program 2017
    • Director of postgraduate studies in “Diabetes among elderly people”, Favaloro Foundation 2017


    Dr. Octavio Fernandes
    • Medicine UERJ, Brazi (1980-85);
    • Medical Residency in Tropical Medicine, UERJ, Brazil (1986-88);
    • Master (1989-91) and PhD (1992-96)in Tropical Medicine Fiocruz, Ministry of Health, Brazil;
    • MBA Health Management (2000) and Executive (2008) at COPPEAD, UFRJ Brazil;
    • Ex-Associate Professor at the Medical School, UERJ, Brazil (1989-2009);
    • Ex- Senior Researcher at Fiocruz, Ministry of Health, Brazil (1997-2009);
    • Ex-SSA of Human Health Department, IAEA, UN, Vienna, Austria (2004);
    • Ex-COO DASA, Brazil (2009-2017);
    • Entrepreneur at Labi Exames - COO, Brazil.

    Dra. Paula Tavora
    • Laboratory Medicine Specialist, Brazil;
    • MBA, PhD in Cellular Immunology , UK;
    • President of Brazilian Society for Clinical Pathology 2014-2015 (SBPC/ML);
    • Medical Director of Vacsim Preventive Medicine - Point of Care & Immunization Clinic.


    Dr. Ramon Abel Castaño
    • MD, PhD;
    • Doctor at the Institute of Health Sciences CES, PhD at Politics and Public Health at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine - England;
    • Masters Degree in Politics and Health Management by the Harvard School of Public Health, U.S.A;
    • Specialization in Hospital Management by EAFIT University.

    Dr. Juan Manuel Gutierrez
    • Specialist in hospital processes and business units;
    • Medical Director of the University Hospital, National Coordinator of Emergency Services of the Sanitas International Organization;
    • Medical Surgeon, Doctor of Emergency Medicine;
    • International consultant for the continuous improvement of hospital capacity;
    • Advisor to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection in processes to improve emergency services and emergency and disaster management;
    • Advisor to the Secretary of Health of Bogotá;
    • Operational and profitable Hospital Models Implementer, recognized nationally and internationally in processes of quality care and improvement of hospital care;
    • Reference for Latin America.


    Dr. Gustavo Mendez
    • MD, MSc, FESC, FHFA;
    • Cardiology/Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology/Fellow of the Heart Failure Association of the ESC;
    • Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico.

March 15th, 2018

Bogotá, Colombia

POC DAY Registration

Diagnostic tests using remote devices, better known as Point of Care, allow the patient to have decisions made rapidly at the emergency units, helping health professionals better conduct the clinical decision.

Promote generation of Scientific studies in LATAM on POC

Increase number of Scientific Publications on PoC in LATAM. Very poor actually

Demonstrate the benefit of using POC on Patients-Health System’s strengthening in our region, in our reality